I Can See Clearly Now Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (Paperback)

I Can See Clearly Now Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (Paperback)

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 Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, a teacher of self-empowerment and the best-selling author of more than 40 books, shares dozens of events from his life from the time he was a little boy in Detroit up to present day in this revealing and engaging memoir.  In unflinching detail he relates his vivid impressions of encountering many forks in the road, taking readers with him into these formative experiences. Then he views the events from his current perspective noting what lessons he ultimately learned as well as how he has made the resulting wisdom available to millions via his lifelong dedication to service. As a reader you will feel as if you are right there with Wayne perusing his personal photo album and hearing about his family, his time in the service, how he writes his best-selling books and so much more. In the process you'll be inspired to look back at your own life to see how everything you have experienced has led you to where you are right now.  Wayne has discovered that there are no accidents. Although we may not be aware of who or what is moving the checkers, life has a purpose and each step of our journey has something to teach us. I Can See Clearly Now is an intimate look at an amazing teacher, but it also holds the key for seekers on a personal path of enlightenment. Wayne offers up his own life as an example of how we can all recognize the hand of the Divine steering our individual courses, helping us accomplish the mission we came here to fulfill.

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