Invitation to Glory Joseph Mirra (Paperback)

Invitation to Glory Joseph Mirra (Paperback)

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The poetic beauty of Invitation to Glory provides glimpses into the stages of mankind's spiritual journey. Brought to the fore is our hidden passion for unity and how that passion is played out in seemingly ordinary lives. In this latest work by the author of Clouds and Whispers and End Times, we might easily recognize ourselves in the sonnets that explore our relationships with our Creator and with our fellow human beings. The complexity of the human condition is revealed in expressions portraying the latent hope of the rebellious and alienated, as well as the doubts and struggles of the believer. The poetry in Invitation to Glory lets both the simple and the arrogant have their say, with all of the drama presented against the backdrop of divinely revealed truth. We see many of the tragic ways that mankind turns away from the welcoming arms of the Lord, but also get hints of the Lord's incessant work to bring his children back to the fullness of love. In recognition of the role that laughter plays in keeping a healthful perspective on life, Invitation to Glory concludes with a section of poetry that takes a humorous look at various topics, including marriage, social media, and of course, golf.

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