Medjugorje - The Message <br>Wayne Weible (Paperback)

Medjugorje - The Message
Wayne Weible (Paperback)

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On October 27, 1985, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, newspaper publisher and columnist, Wayne Weible, first learned of the phenomenon occurring in the little town with the unpronounceable name. Sensing that there might be material for his column, he decided ot pursue the story. Already he had a tie-in in mind that would be perfect for the season: "As we prepare to celebrate the miracle of christmas, a modern-day miracle may be taking place in an obscure village in Yugoslavia . ". The following evening, reviewing a videotape documentary of the events at Medjugorje, he realized that there was far more to it than one column. As it turned out, there were eight, and as requests poured in for reprints, to cut down on copying and postage costs he reproduced them in tabloid form. Now Wayne Weible has written a book about Medjugorje - the first from a Protestant perspective. It may be the most penetrating from any perspective.

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