One Breath at a Time - Buddhism and the Twelve Steps <br>Kevin Griffin (Paperback)

One Breath at a Time - Buddhism and the Twelve Steps
Kevin Griffin (Paperback)

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What would the Buddha say to an alcoholic or addict? What could those in recovery offer to the Buddhist path? Kevin Griffin has immersed himself in the Buddhist and Twelve Step traditions, and in "One Breath at a Time" he gives some surprising and inspiring answers to these questions. The author, a Buddhist meditation teacher and longtime Twelve Step practitioner, weaves his personal story of recovery with traditional Buddhist teachings. The book takes us on a journey through the Steps, examining critical Twelve Step ideas like Powerlessness, Higher Power, and Moral Inventory through the lens of Buddhism. "One Breath at a Time" presents potent ancient techniques for finding calm and clarity and offers a vision of a Higher Power not tied to traditional Western Judeo-Christian concepts. "One Breath at a Time," describes the convergence of two vital traditions, one ancient, the other contemporary, and shows how they are working together to create a rich spiritual path for our times. Certain to resonate with both meditators and those whose mantra is "One day at a time," "One Breath at a Time" should find a large, welcoming audience.

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