The Little Red Book Study Guide (Workbook) <br>Bill P. (Paperback)

The Little Red Book Study Guide (Workbook)
Bill P. (Paperback)

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Designed as an aid for the study of the book, "Alcoholics Anonymous, The Little Red Book" contains many helpful topics for discussion meetings. Drawing from the practical experience of alcoholics who found peace of mind and contented sobriety by following a way of spiritual life set forth in "Alcoholics Anonymous, The Little Red Book" can help members quickly develop an acceptable 24-hour schedule of A.A. living. Based on the many past study guide formats and beginner classes for "The Little Red Book" and modeled after Twelve Step instruction programs offered at A.A. meetings, this new study guide provides a solid and comprehensive study structure for men and women in A.A. Twelve Step groups and for individuals studying "The Little Red Book" on their own. While "The Little Red Book" interprets the Twelve Steps, the "Guide" gives newcomers to A.A. the structure needed to live them. Holding a Masters degree in Addiction Studies with an internship at the Alcoholics Anonymous Headquarters Archives, Bill P. has worked in the alcohol/drug addiction field for 18 years as a counselor, historian, educator, and author, including four years with the AA Grapevine Magazine.

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