The Pathways to Sobriety Workbook <br>William Fleeman (Paperback)

The Pathways to Sobriety Workbook
William Fleeman (Paperback)

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Millions of people all over the world suffer the consequences of addiction. Individuals suffer, children and families suffer, society suffers. Many die as a direct result of alcohol or drug addiction, others from the depression and crime associated with it. Most people use chemicals to transform painful feelings such as anxiety, fear or depression into pleasurable feelings such as confidence, courage and elation. Unfortunately, many addiction programs that try to help readers unlearn this destructive pattern and replace it with healthier behaviors do not achieve high rates of success. While other chemical dependency programs focus primarily on abstinence, The Pathways to Sobriety Program leads readers to sobriety, a true healing from addictions that is based on reestablishing personal values. Part I explains how addiction works, from biological and social causes to individual drugs of abuse. Part II takes readers through the recovery process, with special chapters on relapse prevention. Part III focuses on effective ways to change one's behavior and Parts IV and V guide readers through the development of a contented, clean and sober lifestyle. The workbook has 20 sessions, each complete with personal stories and questions that help the reader to understand their past experiences and learn how to move forward. The Pathways to Sobriety Workbook provides real answers for men and women who know they have an addiction or dependency problem and are looking for positive change.

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